American Indian Artifacts Valuation

American Indian Artifacts

Indian artifacts are today’s collectable rage. Their designs are so simple and timeless they fit in the most modern or any traditional home. The American West fills collector’s hearts with romance and adventure. In fact Indian artifacts sell for more than cowboy items. In today’s market, the Indians won the war.

Indian artifacts are divided into periods:

Prehistoric (Before 1492)
Pre-Contact (1500-1800)
Historic (1800-1870)
Custer Period (1870-1900)
Modern (1900-1930)
Contemporary (1930-Today)

Most items found will be modern to contemporary. Period documentation to a certain tribe and date will significantly increase the value.

Indian tribes are divided into regions:

Plains Indian
Northwest Coast

Some tribes like the Sioux are more popular than others like the Seminole.

Indian artifacts are divided into categories:

Bead work
Effigies & Figures
Images – photographs, paintings, drawings
White man collectables showing American Indians

Arrowheads, spearheads, and axe heads are generally not valuable enough to warrant appraising by themselves. Collection of them are worth appraising. Formal ceremonial items like beaded shirts are more valuable than utilitarian items like a bow and arrows. Some items are valuable, like objects with attached scalps, but are difficult to sell. Indian artifacts can still be further divide into items made for their own use and ones to sell to tourists. Many tourists items, like pottery and rugs, still bring thousands of dollars.

Condition is always important but strong design and attractiveness with rich colors is more important than condition and rarity. The market for American Indian artifacts is stronger every year. Tribes, flushed with casino money, are buying their own tribal items back. They use these to set up reservation museums. The major museums are particularly interested in the items from extinct tribes like the Mandans.

We are able to identify, date and appraise your American Indian artifacts. We can do this from photos. We provide you with a formal written appraisal for insurance or resale. We even advise you where to sell your Indian artifacts. Our minimum fee is $125.00. We have over 46 years experience assisting collectors just like yourself. Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss your Indian artifacts with you. There is no obligation. If an item is not worth at least six times the appraisal fee, there is no charge.

Note: We do not buy and sell Indian artifacts. Unlike other appraisers, we are not quoting low fees just so we can buy your items at a low price. We represent you, not our gallery!
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