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Antique Appraisals — Finding Antique Value

The antique field is extremely large. It runs from Pre-Columbian art, to Louis XIV furniture, autographs, rare Limoge china to your grandmother’s silver tea service. No one person can possibly know all these fields. This is why it is important for you to hire a full-service professional appraisal firm. We come out to your home, carefully inventory everything, and then our experienced staff researches them according to their specialty. No “one man band” can match the expertise of specially trained antique experts.Unfortunately, the antique appraisal business is filled with these “one man bands” who charge outrageous hourly fees to muddle through the reference books trying to figure out what you have. You pay the price for their inadequacies by getting stung with their large hourly fees for their lack of experience. An hourly fee appraiser is an incompetent appraiser who wants you to pay for their education. They sound cheap in the beginning but wait until you see their hidden hourly charges tacked on at the end. They make you sign an open-ended contract, place a deposit, then hit you with outrageous hidden research hours. You are literally giving them a blank check when they leave your home.

The Chicago Appraisers Association charges a flat fee per item, with no charge if the item is valueless. When we leave your home you know exactly what the antique appraisal costs. We even quote you an exact fee on the phone before we come out. We work with any antique appraisal and antiquing budget.

Most antique appraisers own shops and use antique appraisals as a method to get into your home and buy cheaply from you. Never trust an antique appraiser with two agendas. Always hire an independent appraiser who represents you, not their antique shop or auction firm when you buy antiques or sell antiques.

The Chicago Appraisers Association is not an antique shop, auction firm, or consignment store. Antique appraisals are all we do. Our state charter forbids us to purchase anything we appraise. We’re not a “one man band” pretending to know everything. We are not an antique dealer trying to rob you of your heirlooms. We are a staff of full service professionals. Our research is so thorough; we guarantee our appraisals to be accepted by all insurance companies. The others don’t and they don’t care. They have different priorities. At Chicago Appraisers Association, it’s you we value most. A complete art appraisal service.

Antique shop appraisers
Hidden hourly fee appraisers
“one man band” appraisers

They will say and promise anything just to get into your home and have you sign a blank contract.

Expert Advice When You:

  1. Buy Antiques
  2. Sell Antiques
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  4. Antique Art Appraisals

Chicago Appraisers Association area of expertise:

Antique Furniture Guns/Weapons
Oriental Rugs Ivories
China/Porcelain Japanese & Chinese Art
Crystal/Glassware Pre-Columbian Art
Autographs Silver
Americana Bronzes/Statutes
Prints/Etchings Taxidermy
Paintings Photography
Antiquities Jade

Minimun fee $125.00

We Do Not Do :

Musical Instruments
Antique Automobiles
Real Estate


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