Appraisals for Selling Artwork

Art Resale Value Estimates

To know where to get the best price is a secret art. Oriental art sells best on the West Coast, antique rugs bring more in London, and French art doesn’t sell in France. Auction houses are traditionally a wholesale market.You bring the item in and they then tell you it’s worth a fortune. Then after you signed the auction contract, they then tell you they’ve lowered their value estimate knowing your unlikely to pick it up. The small print on the contract obligates you to hidden insurance costs, expensive catalog illustrations and outrageous buy-back reserve fees. The Chicago Appraisers Association has no deceiving agenda or hidden costs. We are an independent appraiser that represents you. We often are able to recommend better alternatives to auctions, something an auction house will certainly not do. If your item warrants auctioning, let us recommend a reputable stable one.

Consignment to a dealer, ad in trade publication or even donating to a museum usually brings in a higher return than an auction. Get the facts from an independent appraiser with your interests in mind, before you make your decision.

Let us explain to you about income tax obligations, possible needed restoration and reframing. Our advice usually more than pays for itself. We make you an expert. Selling a work of art without a certified appraisal and letter of authentication is like trying to sell a car without a title. IT WON’T WORK. A certified appraisal is like a certified bank check; it is like cash, it won’t bounce. Your art now has references. A recent survey showed 91% of our clients sold their appraised items within 4 months when accompanied with our prestigious certificate of authenticity and custom marketing recommendations.

We originated the “Triple Selling Solution.” Not only do you receive a carefully researched value, but we will tell you both how and where in the world to sell your art and antiques.

We recommend not one market, but three different solutions to maximize an item’s potential. If one doesn’t quickly get you the money you deserve, then we have two back-up markets that will generate serious cash.

Beware of other appraisers that are just number providers. We do a more complete market analysis than the others. If you’re serious about selling, then we’re your appraisers. We’re proud of our reputation as a “rock solid” selling solution provider. We save you time and we make you more money.

(Minimum Fee $125)

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