Art Antique Restoration – When and What to Do

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Art Restoration with a Historian’s Gentle Touch

We do it right! Why spend $500 to restore a $200 painting? Why overly restore a painting with remounting on a new canvas and bright shiny varnish that scares buyers away, because it was tampered with.

We know how to restore pictures so they increase in value and are definitely more salable. We carefully compute restoration cost to financial appreciation when completed. We make it make sense (cents)!

Most restorers just charge you a pie-in-the-sky price with no regard to return on your investment. We know what a picture is worth before we begin. We work to that end a regular art restorer hasn’t a clue about.

Just give us a call and we’ll make arrangements for you to bring your picture into the office for a free, no obligation restoration quote.

We have attractive group packages for the appraisal, authentication and restoration of art work. We have restoration plans for every budget, from a major museum to a small art collector with grandma’s portrait.

  • Paintings
  • Bronzes
  • Watercolors
  • Sculpture
  • Drawings
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Prints
  • Porcelains

Over 50 years experience.

Two types of Procedures for Art and Antiques:

Conservation – preventative maintenance to keep the item as close as possible to the state it was originally made.

Restoration – repairs, replacing missing areas, strengthening weaknesses.

All art and antiques should have periodic conservation. Restoration should be carefully approached and only with the advise of an expert.

Secrets of conservation and restoration of art:

  1. Rips and holes in paintings should always be fixed. A painting continues to deteriorate and loose value until it is repaired. Protect your investment.
  2. Cleaning of a painting enhances its value.
  3. Paint loss in a portrait background means little. Paint loss in the portrait’s face is a serious problem.
  4. Never clean or restore the artist’s signature.
  5. Thickly painted pictures are easier to restore than thin painted ones.
  6. Restorers always charge more to clean valuable paintings compared to minor ones, although the time expended is the same. Don’t fall for this game.
  7. More paintings have been ruined in value by over cleaning than ones left alone. Would you know if a restorer overly cleaned your picture?
  8. Relining a painting on modern canvas or board is a serous decision. It destroys the integrity of the painting and should never be done without expert advice.
  9. Antique copies and fragments of larger paintings still can have good value.

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