Art Appraisals for Buying Art Work

Art Appraisals for Buying Art Work

Whether you’re buying blindly over the Internet or face-to-face with a gallery owner, you need advice on:

Price — Is the price in line with what others are bringing?
Quality — A high price for the artist’s worst work is no bargain.
Condition — Maybe the item is cheap because of hidden restoration or unknown alterations.
Authenticity — does it have a letter of authentication by the top expert or an unknown nobody? Is the letter real itself?

Think auctions are the way to buy art and antiques? If you have problems with authenticity or want to resell, they may not be around when you need them. Just look at the record of the Chicago auction houses:

Anderson Art Auctions — Out of Business

Dunnings — Out of Business

Hanzel — Out of Business

Chicago Art Auctions — Out of Business

Chicago Art Galleries
— Out of Business

Butterfields — Left the City

— Left the City

Fine art auction houses are the traditional “dumping ground” of art and antiques with hidden problems. Know what you’re doing before you get carried away. Have a stable expert at your side to keep you out of trouble. We’ve served art/antique collectors for over 35 years. Here today, here tomorrow!

We provide you with an independent valuation of all these, plus, advice on its future salability (will there be others looking for it) and investment potential (will it appreciate or depreciate in value). A prudent collector gets all these facts before they make a serious purchase.

We put the fun back in collecting by doing the time-consuming research for you.

Minimum fee $125.00