Art Collecting Secrets

Art Collecting Secrets

Collecting art has rules just like any other game. If you follow these you win and make a lot of money. An art appraiser is really just a game judge that tallies up the points your art scored. He tells you if you won or lost compared to what you paid. Unfortunately the rules are not published and have to be learned from experience. The most experienced appraiser is the better the judge of your art work.Here are a few of these “secret” art rules:

  1. Horizontal landscapes are more valuable than vertical ones.
  2. Paintings of cows, sheep and pigs are difficult to sell. Roosters are better than chickens.
  3. Paintings showing youth are better than ones portraying old age. Young women and children are better than men.
  4. Anything about death including paintings of church cemeteries are nearly impossible to sell.
  5. Bright colored paintings are better than dark ones.
  6. Unsigned art is definitely a negative.
  7. A painting in the artist’s typical style and subject is better than a one of their rare experimental pieces.
  8. Posthumous cast sculpture and re-strikes prints never bring the same price as ones done in the artist’s lifetime.
  9. The most expensive landscapes usually have calm water in them.
  10. Certain game birds are more desirable than others. Grouse, pheasants and woodcock are better than mallards and crows.
  11. Certain game animals are better than others. Elephants, lions, leopards are better than antelopes, wild boar and wolves.
  12. Landscapes with horses and figures are better than just a sunny meadow. Mountains are better than a factory or shipyard scene.
  13. Floral still lifes bring more money than fruit ones. Some flowers are more desirable. Roses are best, chrysanthemum the least.
  14. Some breeds of dogs are more desirable. Spaniels, terriers and setters are best. Dachshunds and collies the least. A painting of a mongrel dog is near impossible to sell.

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Now you know why values of similar art works vary so widely in galleries, at auction and the internet.

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