Art Donations for Artists

Artist-Museum Partnership Act
(Artist Fair Market Value Deduction Bill)

According to present IRS regulation, artists are only allowed to take off the cost of the frame and canvas on their taxes when they donate their work to a museum.

The only legal way around this is an artist’s relatives may take off the retail value of the works if they donate the artists’ works. Artists themselves may exchange works with other artists and each donate the others works for the full retail value. In both cases you must have: (1) IRS recognized museum; (2) formal written appraisal; (3) the appraiser supply you with the IRS required forms.

We are able to provide both a guaranteed IRS museum and an appraisal guaranteed to be accepted by the IRS. We are the only appraisers able to give you this important protection for artist donations.

There is a bill before Congress to allow artists to donate their own works at the full retail value. (Artist-Museum Partnership Act, or Artists Fair Market Value Deduction Bill).

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