Art Gallery Services

Art Gallery Services

Whether you’re a new or established art gallery, there are times you need an art expert. To have one on staff is generally too expensive.

Maybe you just need a picture authenticated, or find the value of an unsigned painting. Perhaps you need advice where to sell a picture collection you have no market for. We can help, from one painting to help liquidating a warehouse. We can advise on museum donations, European and Asian markets. We can even explain mysteries of foreign currency transactions.

Is there a market you would like to try but don’t know anything about it? We can explain, tell you what to buy, and where to buy; Rembrandt etchings to French Impressionist prints, and Old Master drawings. We even advise how to publish prints and sculpture at minimum financial investment and risk.

Ever dream about having a big art show but don’t have the staff to pull it off? We can help here. We can catalog your prints and paintings and prepare a professional booklet from the exhibit. We can even provide a speaker on the subject for the grand opening and be the “expert on the floor” for the first night. Many galleries even ask us to train their staff on the best ways to sell. Print shows like Rembrandt, Durer, Renoir, Whistler and Picasso are now within easy reach. Clients purchase from art galleries with the greatest expertise. Let us tutor you and your staff to be expert art historians and investment advisors. (A no nonsense approach).

We can even prepare professional letters of authentication for each picture. Clients feel extremely secure knowing their art is certified by an independent expert, not on your staff. We can even take their phone questions for you.

We can advise on realistic dealer markups on pictures for purchase and consignment. We can explain wall square foot costs to needed percentages for return on investment (best is small pictures with large markups) and risks of authenticity guarantees and how to protect yourself through independent experts errors and omission insurance, and other prudent techniques. Consignment paintings can come back after you paid the owner! Learn how to protect yourself when dealing with expensive art.

Sometimes we can even match you up with another one of our clients. They will sell or consign valuable pieces to you. Remember, we are appraisers and do not have a gallery ourselves. Many art dealers feel just the contacts we provide more than pays for our consultant fee. We have over 40 years experience in assisting galleries like yours to grow. Why not give us a call before your competitor does.


Secrets to Being a Successful Art Dealer

Let us come to your gallery and explain the following:

  1. How, when and where to buy at auction
  2. How to make creative handouts for clients that generate sales
  3. How to sell to museums
  4. How to get your gallery artists into museums
  5. How to get revolving consignment stock
  6. What to do when clients “Google” you to death
  7. How to train your staff to cross sell
  8. New directions in collecting (the old rules are out)
  9. What the European galleries are selling
  10. Where to buy wholesale in Paris, London, Amsterdam
  11. How to get museum quality art on consignment
  12. How to build an important private collection at no cost
  13. Inexpensive ways to test new art markets
  14. What to do with inventory that doesn’t sell
  15. How to have a gallery auction
  16. How to solve multiple gallery growing pains with new computer techniques
  17. Art as bank collateral