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Insurance claims are most difficult. Often an item is lost or destroyed and very few records left to substantiate its existence, condition, authenticity and value. The appraiser is compelled to be part detective to establish the claim.We have over 50 years experience working for both claim adjusters and private collectors. We have an unbelievably perfect record, where no client has ever received less than 100% of our appraised value. We owe this to meticulous documenting of facts and data that goes into our final art value and antique value.

Attorneys come to us to psych out their opponents strategies and devise innovative ones for them. We are able to attack an opponent’s appraisal on many different levels: experience, methodology, comparable sales, blue books of value, inadequacies in legal required format and misinterpreted insurance policy wordage.

Most attorneys are unfamiliar with the procedures necessary to substantiate value in court. We provide valuable assistance in this area and often prove an items worth using one or all of five different appraisal value techniques. Most appraisers use only one. Expert, professional courtroom testimony is our specialty.

We are even able to provide modern scientific analysis of paper, inks, paint, varnish and wood, as well as documentation of age and forgeries. We can often determine the cause and origin of damage.

When it comes to insurance claims, it is important to use only a full service appraisal firm, not a “one man band.” Most appraisers are just number providers. We’re solution providers. Give us a call and see how really good we are. Antique Claims Adjusting is our specialty. No one has more experience in Antique Claims Adjusting than us.


The United States government has a confidential depreciation guide. It is used by the IRS, courts, military and its personal claims adjustors. It gives a depreciation percentage for all property. This secret publication is not available to the public! We were fortunate enough to obtain a copy while working as a consultant for one of the government agencies. It is absolutely dynamite to use in claim adjusting. If you have a tough case and don’t know where to go, call “the fastest gun in town.” Tell our office you need the heavy artillery. It is expensive and definitely not for everyone, but no court case has ever survived against it.



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