Asset and Divorce Appraisals

Asset and Divorce Appraisals

We provide you with a court certified professional inventory and appraisal of your tangible assets. These can be used for court or to ease the division of property. We can advise which items are best retained and which to give up. Just because two pieces of antique furniture have the same value today, doesn’t mean it will be the same in five years.

At a time like this, decisions are difficult. Sentimental attachments and tremendous stress cloud good judgement. We can listen; we can help.

We can come to court with you, be at your side during negotiations, and even tell you how to make our fee and your attorney’s tax deductible.

Maybe you need an extra person on your side to help evaluate your legal position on your assets.

We know money is tight at this time, and willing to help with creative financial payments. We offer unbiased solutions with complete confidence. We listen, we minimize hassles, and we help.

(Minimum Fee $125.00) We help you sell!

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