Authenticating Painting Signatures

How We Authenticate Painting Signatures:

1. We examine the signature to determine if it has always been on the painting.
2. We determine if the paint color used or the signature was also used in the composition.
3. We determine the approximate age of the work.
4. We determine what period the signatures dates from (youth, mature years, old age or is it an estate signature).
5. We decide if the signature dates from the same period as the painting’s style.
6. We determine if the signature was put on in a spontaneous manner as an authentic signature or is laboriously drawn by a forger.
7. We compare the size of the signature with the size generally used by the artist.

Interview other art appraisers and ask if they are this methodical about their research. If you get a lot of evasive answers, then you know they aren’t. When we authenticate your painting there are rock solid scientific facts, like these, behind it.

Isn’t this the appraisal you’re really looking for?

Ten signature variations of the 18 known of Pierre Auguste Renoir (French 1841-1919) in our files. Note how they evolved over time.

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