Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Chicago Appraisers Association, an equal opportunity employer, has exciting opportunities for the advanced professional as well as the recent doctoral graduate school student seeking an internship. We offer generous benefits, including full medical and dental, 3 weeks paid vacation and tuition reimbursement. Fast growing company with quick anticipated advancement for the sophisticated professional.

Research Professional: Minimum doctoral degree in art history, minor in European culture. Must read French, German, and Italian. Knowledge of Dutch or Spanish helpful. Three to five years research experience with strong resume of professional, scholarly publications.

Laboratory Administrator: Head up new scientific research lab on historical dating of artifacts and chemical authenticity of paint and other organic material. Minimum requirements of master degree and 10 years experience.

Head Librarian: Opportunity for professional to head up research library and transfer all existing data to on-line access. Must have master degree in library science and strong background in computer research and development.

Please send resume by mail only. We will contact you via phone or letter to arrange an interview. PHONE CALLS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.