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aahYou’re not alone on this project! We’re an association of art historians, each with different specialties. We’re all here to help you figure out what you have and what its worth.

If we get stuck (occasional we do) we’re a member of the International Association of Art Historians. Sounds funny, an association belonging to an association, but it is true. Our team is at your disposal and a back up to “brain-storm” your art/antique to help you even sell it if you want.

Because of these international association memberships, you get a rock solid value based on recent sales. Many of these results haven’t even been published yet. Private sales don’t appear on the Internet or anywhere. We believe membership in an international professional association is superior to a limited national one. Most of our research is on European and Asian art. To be able to phone the country of the item’s origin is a great advantage. (You should see our overseas phone bills!)

Always ask any appraiser you’re considering hiring, how many people will do the research. “One man bands” don’t cut it anymore.

If they are not a member of the “Association of Art Historians”, there may be good reason. Check their web site for this logo. It stands for internationally recognized professional research and scholarly credentials. Not everyone is voted in. Over 70% of America appraisers don’t qualify.

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