Chicago Artists

Chicago Artists

There is no published art reference book on the history of art in Chicago. But there is an unpublished manuscript on Chicago artists by Joseph Abbressia, a foremost Chicago artist and historian himself.

We specialize in Chicago artists. We have biographical, exhibition records and sales data no one else has. We are familiar with all the old Chicago artist galleries like O’Brians, Roulliers, Merrill Chase, Vincent Price, Austin, Circle, Callards, Hanzels, Walley Finleys and Campanelli.

Many of the great American Impressionists studied here, along with some like Mucha and Archipenko. Chicago was one of the major centers for illustration. Artists like LeRoy Neiman and Howard Terpning began in Chicago. We frequently examine the works of these early illustrators brought into our offices as well as the more well known Chicago artists.

We have been appraising Chicago artists longer than anyone. We began collecting brochures and auction catalogs over 40 years ago on Chicago artists.

Consult the foremost experts in the field. We didn’t write the book, but we have the book on Chicago artists no one else does.

Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to advise you what your painting could be worth, or just reminisce about the “old days” in Chicago. Some of our clients like us to do both.

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