Corporate Art Collection Appraisals

Corporate Art Appraisals

Corporate art collections are usually filled with unknowns. Sales receipts cannot be found, no one is still around who purchased the paintings, and no complete record in existence of what is valuable or not.

We specialize in bringing organization to corporate collections with a professional inventory, financial evaluation and formal corporate art appraisal. With many corporate collections made up of valuable paintings and sculpture, mixed with nominal value posters and modest decorative prints, our sensible fee schedule is particularly suited.

If the item is of minor value, we don’t charge to examine it. You only pay for the research and evaluation of corporate art of consequence. No guessing of what to show the art appraisers, no charge to appraise “placeholders” in company hallways, lounges and lunch rooms.

Pay for what you need appraised, not for what doesn’t matter.

Whether for insurance, resale, asset verification, bookkeeping or acquisition, we’re business people who understand your needs and speak your language. We specialize in corporate art appraising.


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