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» Art & Antique Restoration – When & What
» Art Dealer Services to Galleries
» Authenticating Modern Paintings
» Corporate Art Collections
» Merrill Chase & Circle Gallery Art Work
» Old Master & Other Painting Appraisals
» Authenticating Old & Modern Drawings
» Prints, Etchings & Lithographs
» Unsigned Paintings & Sculpture
» Chicago Artists
» Antique/Collectible Photographs
» Art Auction Fraud
» Identification of Famous Persons

Antique Related

» Antique Appraisals
» Art & Antique Restoration – When & What
» Guns, Swords and Militaria
» World War II Memorabilia
» Lincoln and Civil War Memorabilia
» Limoges China
» Tapestries & Textiles
» Silver Appraisals
» Antiquities – Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc.

Antique Furniture

» Antique Furniture Appraisals
» Chinese Furniture – Oriental Furniture
» Be an Antique Furniture Detective
» Determining Age in Antique Furniture
» Secrets of Antique Furniture Collectors

Famous Artists

» So You Think You Have an Edouard Cortes Painting
» Salvador Dali Authentication
» Collector’s Guide to Dali Prints
» Picasso Drawings and Paintings
» Secrets to Authenticate Picasso Drawings
» Rembrandt Etchings and Old Master Prints
» History of Rembrandt Etching Editions
» So You Know You have a Michelangelo
» So You Think You Have a Rembrandt 
» So You Think You Have a Van Gogh
» Secrets of Van Gogh Appraisals
» So You Think You Have a Degas
» So You Think You Have a Monet
» Rock and Pop Memorabilia
» Identification of Famous Persons

Appraisals for Legal Purposes

» Appraisal for Divorce & Division of Property
» Appraisal for Estates, Court, & Property
» Estates and Estate Executors
» How Truthful is your Home Insurance Co?
» Museum Art Consulting Services
» Illinois Bar Association Recommendation

Selling – Buying – Donation

» Top Ten Tips to Selling in Today’s Economy
» Secrets to Purchasing in Today’s Economy
» Appraisals for Selling Artwork
» Appraisals for Buying Artwork
» Museum & Charitable Donations
» How to Choose an Art Auction House
» How to Read Auction Records
» Are Big New York Auction Houses the Way?
» How to Sell to Museums
» Go Green by Selling in Today’s Economy

Art Authentication

» Cutting Edge Painting Authentication
» Collector’s Guide to Scientific Lab Art Tests
» Scientific Lab Analysis of Art
» Laboratory Testing and Research
» Unsigned Paintings and Sculpture
» Free Second Look at Old Appraisals
» Art Appraisals in the Computer Age
» Secrets to Authenticate Picasso Drawings
» Honesty is So Rare

Autograph Authentication

» Authenticating Signatures and Autographs
» Secrets to Authenticating Signatures


» Art Sculpture Appraisals
» Appraisals for Ivory Carvings
» Appraisals for Jade Carvings

Pre-Columbian/Indian Art

» Pre-Columbian Stone Masks
» Pre-Columbian Art
» American Indian Artifacts

Oriental Art/Antiques

» Oriental Art and Antiques
» Chinese Furniture – Oriental Furniture
» Ivory Carvings – Gold in Your Attic
» Jade Carvings
» Oriental Rug Appraisals
» Japanese Woodblock Prints
» Tapestries & Textiles

Artist Services

» Artist Appraisal Services

Insurance and Insurance Claims

» Art Insurance Claims Assistance
» Forensic Claim Appraisals
» Antique Claims Adjusting Today
» Appraisals for Obtaining Insurance
» Personal Property Insurance Claims
» Appraisals for Art/Antique Insurance Claims

Fun Stuff

» Lincoln and the Civil War
» So You Think You Have a Van Gogh
» So You Think You Have a Rembrandt
» Fun and Unusual Complaint Letters
» Authenticating Signatures and Autographs
» History of Rembrandt Etchings Editions
» Secrets to Authenticate Picasso Drawings

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» Our International Art Historian Teams
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» Other Professionals in Antiques and Art
» Art Historian vs. Art Expert
» Honesty is So Rare

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