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We provide you with a formal written appraisal to use for court or tax purposes. We guarantee the appraisal to be accepted by the court and the IRS. We are the only appraisal firm that offers such a guarantee. When comparing appraisers, ask yourself; “Why don’t others offer a guarantee?”

We can assist in the division of property and help you prudently evaluate sentimental attachments. Just because two paintings have the same value today, doesn’t mean one is appreciating in value while the other is depreciating. We can make it easier for you to choose.

We use the appraisal valuation method best for you. Should you keep an item, sell now or later? We can help make your decisions easy. We have over 35 years of experience and a team of experts to work with you and your financial and tax advisors. We are a complete art appraisal service.

We don’t just offer court certified appraisals, we offer sensible solutions.

Minimum fee $125.00

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