Forensic Claim Appraisals

Forensic Claim Appraisals

Sometimes an insurance claim doesn’t seem right. You can’t put your finger on what is wrong, but you have suspicions it is fraudulent. Why not call the experts? We have over 50 years experience successfully investigating just such claims.

We determine if breaks in porcelain, pottery and wood are recent. We authenticate furniture by accurately dating the wood using the most modern “space-age” technology. We examine “old” receipts to determine if they have been recently fabricated and are consistent with what claimed. We even look at old photos and decide if the lost painting is likely original or a copy. Checking out water damage is our specialty. We can tell when it happened.

In today’s economy, more and more fraudulent claims are appearing from desperate dealers and unemployed collectors. We can save your company thousands of dollars and provide you with the scientific proof that will stand up in court.

Don’t be a victim yourself! Give us a call and we’ll be glad to discreetly discuss any claim you have suspicions. We are a full service company that advises on salvage rights, restoration, and legal definitions of “replacement.”

Antique claims adjusting is our specialty. We have more experience in Antique Claims Adjusting then any other firm.

Ask for Bruce at (847)446-8827.

Tricks of the Trade

When client’s items have been lost in a fire or stolen, often the only record of their authenticity and value are old receipts. Unscrupulous collectors and dealers sometimes fabricate these, putting on old dates and extravagant prices they say they paid.

One trick to see if these receipts are authentic, is to check the age of the paper. As paper ages it becomes more porous. Place a drop of water on the receipt. If it quickly sinks in the paper is old. If it stays on top, the receipt is a modern fabrication.

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