Free Second Look at Old Appraisals

Free Second Look at Old Appraisals

Not pleased with an appraisal from another company? Perhaps you don’t agree with their findings. Maybe they said your work was a fake or gave you a vague opinion. Some art appraisers hide their ignorance behind such words as “attributed to” or “school of”, etc. Their words are occasionally used but not all of the time.

Some small-time art appraisers don’t even give you reasons why your art isn’t authentic: Is it the signature, the paper, the style, brush stroke? A good art appraiser gives you “chapter and verse”.

We’re glad to take an informal look at your old appraisal to see if it was properly researched. Maybe we can determine if it still has good value but was painted by another artist. There is no charge to review your old art appraisal. We will take into consideration the fee the other art appraiser charged you and discount part of our normal rate, if we re-do the appraisal.

If we cannot help you, there is no charge. It’s free. At Chicago Appraisers Association, we do not produce vague art appraisals with no substantiation of our findings. We even help you sell your item even if it is not authentic. Believe it or not, there are even colleges looking for fakes for lab testing. Many deluxe restaurants fill their walls with knock-offs to impress their uneducated clients.

Consult a full-service art appraisal firm, not some little “one man band art appraiser”. Why not call our office or send to us your old art appraisal and just say “help”?! At Chicago Appraisers Association, we don’t kick you when you’re down, for “It’s you we value most“.

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