Go Green by Selling in Today’s Economy!

Go Green by Selling in Today’s Economy!

Yes, the recession is here.  Why not consider selling your art/antiques to help pay rising costs of gasoline, college tuition, airfare and utilities.

The dollar is at an all-time low, against the European Euro and the British pound.  Thousands of foreign collectors are coming to the States and buying with their cheap dollars.  Countries like Russia and China are buying back their antiques.  New auction records are being established almost daily by new collectors from Arab countries flush with Petro dollars. Even the Canadians are buying!

Your home may have lost value and retirement by you postponed, but your art/antiques have not lost value!  Let your art and antiques make up the difference.  Sell your art/antiques and place the profits in your retirement fund.  You will never see a better time to sell your art/antiques coinciding with your need.

Let us help.  We can appraise your art/antiques at today’s inflated values.  We can tell you where to cash in on the foreign buyers eager for collectables just like yours.  We go to Europe every month and know where the market is.  No other appraisal company can offer you over 50 years experience as well as first hand up to date market analysis.

Why not phone us today for a free phone consultation of what your item could be worth and our reasonable research fees.

Investors in Today’s Troubled TimesWe can put you in contact with investors who have pulled their money out of the stock market and now want to place it in tangible investments like major art and antiques.

Many of them are in Europe and thus didn’t suffer such losses. They believe now is the best time for major art/antiques investments.

If your works qualify, we’ll be glad to introduce you to them at no extra charge. At Chicago Appraisers Association “It’s you we value most”

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