Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc. Antiquities

Antiquities – Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc.

Imagine holding something in your hand over a thousand years old.  Imagine owning something that was ancient even before the time of Christ.  Some collectors do just this.  Styles must be carefully checked.   Is it an authentic ancient Greek marble or a Renaissance reconstruction.  They still find wonderful treasures in the sands of Egypt but the forgers know the tricks.  They use fragments of authentic old pieces to create new large ones.  The game is an ancient one.  Even the Romans made copies of the Greek marbles to sell to collectors.

We are the specialist in authenticating ancient treasures.  Even a small stone head, a ceramic bowl or grave glass vile, has tremendous value.

We can stylistically analyze your piece or send it to our scientific lab for dating.  We can provide you with a formal written letter of authentication for insurance purposes or assist you in selling it.  Many collectors don’ realize there is a better market for antiquities overseas than in the States.

Provenance or where you legally obtained your item is always a concern.  Let us help you reconstruct how you legally acquired it.  Today’s collectors demand this.
Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss with you what is the best way to examine your items, in person or possibly thru photos.  We have over 46 years experience in working with collectors just like you.

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