Guns, Swords, and Militaria

Guns, Swords and Militaria

Weapons are a little frightening to most people. They often represent the tools of criminals and murderers. But there is a strong market for them as to many people they also are the symbols of patriots and those who defend themselves against tyranny and oppression. The sword is not just a stabbing weapon but also thought as the badge of a knight, and sign of a nobleman. History doesn’t seem as remote when you examine an old soldiers’ uniform or touch their medals earned with great sacrifice.

Whether you have an old Civil War cavalry saber, a German WWII pistol or a complete set of knights’ armor, we can authenticate, research, and value these. There is no extra charge to tell you where to sell if you want.

We can explain which weapons are like gold (Colt firearms) and which have little value (everything after WWII). We carefully go over each firearm and check for replacement parts. We can advise what weapons need a special permit to sell and which weapons are illegal to own without a license.

Some of the strangest things bring big money. Civil War uniform coats are somewhat common, but the pants that go with them are almost unobtainable. The worse the Nazi regiments’ reputation, the more valuable the regalia. Confederate weapons are valued by how crude they are. Civil War diaries are only worth a lot if they mention certain battles.

Come to the experts. We’ve been appraising weapons and militaria since 1960, the oldest full time professionals in the field. We help you sell!

Minimum Fee $125.00