Honesty is so Rare

Honest Art Appraisal Services

honestyIf you bring into our office a high-class reproduction of a painting by a famous artist thinking it may be an original, there is a charge only if the item has value. If we come into your home, and you ask us to appraise an antique of nominal value, there is no charge. In fact, 25% of the items we look at, we never charge for. There is a charge if the item has value though.

If you want to sell an art work hoping to get $10,000 for it, and we know its worth many times that, we don’t try to buy it, but advise you where to sell it for the higher price. Our Association by-laws strictly forbid us buying anything from our clients, regardless of price. This is the creed of the independent appraiser. We specialize in honest art appraisals. An art appraisal service you can trust.

Today, honesty and integrity are rare, but not at the Chicago Appraisers Association. We’re not the best appraisers because we’re the country’s oldest…we’re the country’s oldest appraisers because we are the best.


This is our company slogan, our company creed. We don’t just value art and antiques, for they are inanimate objects without feelings. We prepare documents of authenticity and value for our clients. We must help them find ways to best use them. Through these documents they come to value their collections more or use them to change the value of their lives. We are not just number providers, but a company with deep feelings on a mission to help you. For “it’s you we value most.”

(Minimum Fee $125.00) We help you sell!

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