How to Contact Us

About Your Appraisal

The ideal appraisal is by a home visit or an office appointment. If the item(s) isn’t financially practical or personal inspection not possible, we are happy to provide you with a formal written opinion from simple photos or a video. Go to our contact form to submit your inquiry and pictures to start the process.
No hidden charges based on percentages, or misleading hourly research time
An affordable agreed fee before research is begun
Guaranteed accepted appraisals
No charge if item is valueless in the initial examination in person or from photos
Minimum appraisal fee is $125.00, higher rates for some items. Group rates are available.
Reasonable travel costs for our Midwest centrally located experts to come to you.
Are you strapped for cash, but still need your art/antique(s) appraised to sell? We can help. Click here to find out about our payment plans.
An appraiser with A Conscience.



This is our company slogan, our company creed. We don’t just value art and antiques, for they are inanimate objects without feelings. We prepare documents of authenticity and value for our clients. We must help them find ways to best use them. Through these documents they come to value their collections more or use them to change the value of their lives. We are not just number providers, but a company with deep feelings on a mission to help you. For “it’s you we value most.”