How to Sell Art

How to Sell Art?

Most appraisers give you a vague value and wish you luck in trying to sell your items.We give you a precise, accurate value and a proven formula of three different methods to market your art and antiques. We give you names, addresses and phone numbers from our 38 year computer records. No other appraiser goes this far to help.

A sample of our renowned market report you receive free upon request. Check with the other appraisers and ask if they provide something this comprehensive. Then you’ll know why 84% of our clients sell their items in 90 days when they follow our market recommendations: We’re not just number providers, we’re solution providers! See why collectors use our full service professional staff and not just a “one man band”.

Minimum painting appraisal fee is $195.00 including authentication which some appraisers avoid.

We provide answers no one else does! Should you sell now or later? Is it a good long term investment or should you “bail out” now? Upon request, we will be please to discuss this with you on the phone and give you our opinions based on our computer sales analysis. There is no extra charge.

We help you sell!

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