Identification of Famous Persons

Identification of Famous Persons

Think you have a photograph or painting of a famous person? We’re the foremost specialist in determining authenticity of these. In fact, we’re the only appraisers who does.

Identification of a famous person increases the value of a photo or painting more than twenty times. A thousand dollar painting becomes an important twenty thousand dollar masterpiece.

Thru use of computers to study facial proportions and knowledge of period costumes, we can accurately authenticate even the most blurry portraits. Many notable museums, like the National Portrait Gallery have used our services. We authored important references on Lincoln photographs and other Civil War persons.

Large forehead, thin lips, blue eyes, receding hairline, all these are carefully studied. Even the nose slant is measured by our computers. We also use medical charts to compare how these features change with age. We can even tell if a painting or photograph is a copy of an important original.

Just send to us a photo of your painting or photograph or a no-obligation first evaluation. We will then be glad to discuss with you the likely hood of success and our research fee.

Why not stop wondering if your portrait is authentic and begin knowing for sure. We are the experts.

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