Insurance Company Claims Assistance

Insurance Company Claims Assistance

Insurance adjusting is not easy. You are expected to be an expert on everything from antiques to collectables and even art. You have to be a detective and gather information and a psychologist to determine who is lying and whether grandma’s tales about an object are true. Adjusting art/antiques just doesn’t occur with enough frequency to develop any real adjustment expertise.

Let us be your expert. We have over 50 years experience in handling tough cases just like the one sitting on your desk.

We offer FREE consultation to professional adjusters. Just give us a call and describe your claim. We’ll be glad to advise you if the requested claim amount is likely to be accurate or what steps we can do to determine the item’s real value.

We can even estimate the cost of restoration, loss of collectable value after restoration and if it is practical to claim the right of salvage. We even pick up the items and take them to a proper auction house for you. We make it easy.

There is no charge for this initial phone call. There is only a charge if we have to research.

Let us be your partner and help solve those impossible claims where you don’t know where to turn.

We’re at your side to guide you through technical jargon and problems like these:

  1. What is the proper compensation on a broken antique table leg?
  2. What is the loss of collectable value if a portrait gets punctured in the face versus background?
  3. How much should you offer for partial loss to a set of antique dishes, missing candlestick from a pair, a dresser from a five-piece bedroom set? We know the industry standards.
  4. Has the item gone up or down in value compared to what is on a ten-year-old receipt? Not everything appreciates over time.
  5. Is the old receipt actually for the lost item or something similar?

We Help You with the 7 Steps to a Successful Claim Adjustment

    1. Assessment — Determine validity of claim. Is it probable the item even existed as described?
    2. Documentation — Analyze receipts, letters of authentication, verbal descriptions. Have these documents been forged themselves?
    3. Research — Do the documents or descriptions make sense, or is it hearsay, family tradition, dreams or even fraud?
    4. Valuation — What do auction records, dealer catalogs, bluebooks list similar item’s value. We also have secret government depreciation guides. We have them all.
    5. Negotiation — We advise on how to do a partial settlement and if there is a “soft spot” in the court case.
    6. Compensation — Advice on replacement and restoration, as well as recapture of cost through “right to salvage.” We don’t just provide you a value, but a solution.
  1. Right to salvage — Advise on how and where to sell the items after the claim is paid.
“The country’s foremost art and antique appraisers.”
… National Insurance Adjuster magazine

“The nation’s leading experts in the art and antique field.”

…Illinois State Bar Association News

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