Is Your Home Insurance Company Telling You the Truth?

Art and Antique Insurance Coverage Information

Some insurance companies advise you to only have appraised items worth over $5,000. What they don’t tell you is your objects worth $1,000, $2,500 or even $4,500 are not protected. Should you have a claim, the burden of proof is on you to prove you had the items and what they were worth. This is almost impossible after they are gone. The total value of items worth less than $5,000 could easily exceed the few items worth more than $5,000. Just because you have large home contents coverage doesn’t mean the insurance company will give you what you deserve without independent verification. This has become extremely prevalent since insurance companies took such serious financial losses through recent hurricanes and 9/11.

Insurance adjusters have become extremely skeptical about claims that list dozens of valuable unscheduled items. You can’t blame them. In the present, down-turned economy this has become chronic. Your insurance agent probably doesn’t want to type these on your policy for such a small increase of premium. It just doesn’t pay them to tell you how vulnerable and unprotected you really are.

We provide you with formal written documentation you had these. We provide you with independent verification of their worth.

If the skeptical insurance claim adjuster doesn’t want to give you the items true value, we’ll argue with them at no cost to you. We’ll even testify in court at no charge. We back our values with hard facts from blue books, auction records and dealers’ catalogs. Because of our extensive records, not one of our clients has ever received even one dollar less than our appraised value. This is a perfect 50 year record!

Isn’t this really the protection you want? Isn’t this really the protection you deserve? Unlike some insurance companies, the Chicago Appraisers Association doesn’t ignore your medium value art and lesser value antiques.


Minimum fee $125.00

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