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Ivory Carvings – White Gold

With recent strict federal regulation against import of ivory, the value of ivory carvings tremendously increased. The smallest modern Japanese one inch figure now starts at $100.00. Large 7 to 9 inch ivory statues begin at $900.00. Thousands of dollars are regularly paid for ornate flower baskets, chess sets, boats and flat pierced design panels. Even more if they have a signature on the bottom and original teak stand.

This run-away market is not just for Oriental ivory, but almost as strong for African figures. l9th century and earlier European ivory has all but disappeared. The ivory market surged upward almost unnoticed by the general public. It has done what silver did in the early 1980’s.

Because the interest and values are so high, there are a lot of forgeries. There are plastic replicas and even plastic resin and ivory dust molded figures commonly sold in shops today. Synthetic ivory, called ivorine, was sold as far back as the 1920’s.

There is no charge to advise you how and where you can easily and legally sell ivory and about museum placement.

Our ivory experts traveled extensively in the Orient and Africa. Their knowledge is first hand, having met the carvers themselves and studied the nuances of authentic original work as opposed to factory machine made figures derived from earlier designs in ivory carvings.

Most appraisers are not knowledgeable enough to know knife carving from gouge work or touched up power tool carving. Many can’t even identify African elephant from the more dense Asian ivory. Extremely rare pieces can even be made from hippo and walrus tusks. Certain cultures interspersed their ivory work with bone carving, often confusing to the amateur. The Chicago Appraisers Association is the foremost specialist in this field. Your appraisal will contain this pertinent information others inadequately omit in ivory carvings.

Elephant ivory tusk appraisals value is dependent on length, circumference and weight. They should also be gracefully symmetric. Let us advise you how to sell. Over 50 years experience.
What is the great ivory myth? Many persons believe it is illegal to sell ivory. This is wrong! You can sell ivory as long as it was legally brought into this country.

Our minimum fee is $125.00 for the first item. We often work from photos.

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