Jade Carvings

Jade Carvings

Jade comes in many colors; black to white and every color in between. Some colors like lavender jade and yellow jade are extremely rare. Unfortunately, forgers know this and occasionally dye poor quality jade rich and vibrant colors. Emerald green jade can be more expensive than an emerald. There are stones that look similar to jade like jadite, onyx and soapstone. These can be very old.

New jade collectors often look for intricate carvings to establish worth. Actually the best jade colors are carved very simply. Jade carvings with multi-levels of several colors are most valuable.

The detail of jade carving has to be carefully checked to ascertain if there was breakage. Jade is easily repaired. Loss of tree limbs etc., hurts the value of jade sculpture.

The majority of jade carvings are Oriental. It was also done in Russia, most notably by Faberge. Oriental and Pre-Columbian jades can be thousands of years old. There is even Eskimo jade carvings. Jade is considered a semi-precious stone.

We are able to appraise and authenticate your jade carvings from photos. We have over 46 years experience in appraising jade sculpture and helping collectors sell these museum pieces.

Why not give our office a call and we’ll be glad to tell you how to photograph your jade carvings. Our minimum fee is $125.00.

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