Limoges China Appraisals

Appraisals of Limoges China

Limoges China from Limoges, France is the most famous porcelain in the world.  Kings, Queens, Heads of State and the most famous aristocrats would not dine on anything but it.  The earliest known examples date from the mid 19th century.  The Limoges factory only hired the most skilled artisans to hand paint their little masterpieces.  Limoges China’s most famous artist was Pierre A. Renoir.

In late 19th century the best Limoges China patterns were sold to the finest department stores in America.  Although there were numerous grades of Limoges China dinnerware, the very best had 22K gold bands, rims and designs.  These are extremely rare today.  There are several types of Limoges China, but Haviland is the most famous.

Most Limoges China sets encountered today are incomplete.  Time has resulted in many individual pieces to be broken or chipped.  A partial Limoges China service for 12, can often be turned into a complete service for 8.  A partial service for 8, can be a complete service for 6.  Sets smaller than this have little resale value in today’s market.

The great days of elegant Limoges China has passed.  Today’s sophisticated dining must be done on plates made with decals instead of hand painted Limoges little masterpieces.  Fortunately there are numerous Limoges collectors searching for antique sets.  They are driving up prices for rare, overly embellished Limoges China sets.

If you are fortunate enough to inherit one of the Limoges treasures, we’ll be glad to appraise it for you from photos.  This can be for insurance, division of property, estate purposes or resale.  We have over 50 years experience in assisting families just like yours.

Why not give our office a call and we’ll be glad to discuss your Limoges China set with you.  There is no obligation.

Minimum appraisal cost is $125.00

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