Lincoln and Civil War Memorabilia

Lincoln and Civil War Memorabilia

The sesquicentennial of the Civil War in 2010 thru 2015 is exciting. Collectors and museums are waiting to pounce on all the attic treasures they believe will come out. Prices should sky-rocket as smart investors want to be the “early bird”.

Small scraps of paper signed by Lincoln bring thousands of dollars. Civil War diaries, rare land grants, flags, letters, uniforms, photographs, weapons, books, maps, officer commissions, discharge papers, and relics bring hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Paintings of soldiers, Lincoln and other Civil War subjects have sold for hundred thousand dollars especially by well known artists.

We have specialized in these areas for over 50 years. As an Illinois appraisal firm we have access to Lincoln references most experts don’t. We are the foremost Lincoln appraiser.

We can appraise most items from photos and Xeroxes. There is no extra charge to help you sell your Lincoln and Civil War items. This is the time to get top dollar.

Please feel free to call and we’ll be glad to advise you if your item is worth appraising.


Have a Lincoln photo that needs authentication? Maybe your family owns an unsigned oil painting of Lincoln. We specialize in “problem Lincoln’s”. We’ve never seen a Lincoln photo or Lincoln painting we couldn’t catalog, attribute an artist and date. We’ve been consultants to The National Portrait Gallery, Washington. No one knows Lincoln photographs and Lincoln paintings better than us.

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Our extensive file of Lincoln photos showed the President sat for a portrait where numerous exposures were taken. Each was slightly different. When you place these together in a video, it appears as if Lincoln is in front of you and moving. Obviously Lincoln never posed for a motion picture, but this is the closest you can come to seeing him alive.

We specialize in:

discharge papers
military equipment