Merrill Chase Gallery

Merrill Chase Gallery/Circle Gallery

All these former well-established galleries are now out of business. For over 20 years we were privileged to do their updates when they were in operation.

We have records of what art items sold for before they closed. We do not have records of what individual collectors purchased. We can assist you with insurance updates or help you sell items (fee $195.00 per item). We can provide you with proper formal letters of authenticity (recent scholarly research has made some Merrill Chase certificates of authenticity inaccurate, Dali, etc.). We cannot tell you what an item is worth over the phone without receiving your check and doing research. We must see condition and quality.

Urgent Need For Reappraisal of Erte, Addison,
Kipness, Likan, Dali, Rockwell, Max, Nierman, Altman, Leroy Neiman, Vickery, Rothe, Moti, McKnight, Lebadang.

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