Museum and Charitable Donation Appraisals

Museum Charitable Tax Deductable Donations

The tax advantages of museum and charitable donations can be considerable and without risk, if IRS rules and formats are strictly followed.

Any appraiser can put values on a piece of paper, but are you willing to accept the consequences if they are wrong? We have specialized in this area for over 50 years and guarantee our appraisal to be accepted by the IRS. No other art appraiser has such a guarantee. No other antique appraiser has such a guarantee.

We are able to work with your tax advisor to determine if a donation is financially practical and provide a program of carry-forward tax credits, if necessary.

Because of our extensive museum work and numerous museum contacts, we can even find you an IRS recognized recipient for your art and antiques along with our IRS certified appraisals.

In case of an audit, we can assist in your defense and provide first class, professional court testimony. We are a complete appraisal service.

Dare to dream of your art and antiques permanently preserved in a museum as testimony to your family’s care and taste. If anyone can make it happen, we can. Phone us at (847) 446-8827.
(Minimum fee $125.00)

Ideal solution to offset
401k Withdrawals, Real Estate Gains, Retirement Fund Losses

For more information about the current bills before congress: Artist-Museum Partnership Act, Artists Fair Market Deduction Bill, HR-1598 Artists Contribution to American Heritage Act click here.

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