Museum Art Consultants

Museum Art Consultants

Museums and Historical Societies have unique needs. They must exercise extreme fiscal responsibility before they buy or sell anything. Everything they do must be verified to be in the museum’s best interest and beyond reproach. We provide this necessary independent verification for you to stand behind with confidence.

Today’s museum director must be skilled in everything from fund raising, utility conservation, payroll, city, state and federal grants. There is little time left to study art and antique markets, let alone develop foresight to acquire major items when still affordable. To decide what to sell is even more difficult. The world’s former most expensive painting (Van Gogh’s portrait of Dr. Gachet) was once de-acquisitioned from a German museum as poor quality by an unimportant artist.

We can be that “fresh pair of eyes” to look down the road and help you decide on museum direction and opportunities. We provide this important extra edge of expertise at affordable cost and only when needed. We are a complete art appraisal service.


  1. Independent verification of value and authenticity of acquisitions.
  2. Assistance in obtaining charitable tax deduction gifts through IRS approved appraisals.
  3. Cataloging and identification of items not in the museum curators expertise.
  4. Assistance in formal and dynamic presentations in front of museum acquisition committees.
  5. Review of items for de-acquisition and advice where to confidentially sell for the best return (see our auction page).
  6. Expertise in attracting major donations through creative exhibits, memorials, catalogs, and trust foundations.
  7. Advice and consultation on international markets and foreign exchange opportunities.