Oriental Art and Antique Appraisals

Oriental Art and Antique Appraisals

In 2007 there was a major earthquake in China but almost no one realized it. The Chinese government passed a law forbidding any Chinese antiques and antique Chinese art from export. Quickly the museums and Chinese antique dealers began buying up everything. Our computers tracked a 38% increase in Chinese antique values since the 2007 summer alone.

China is quickly becoming a major center for Chinese art and Chinese antiques. New collectors and auction houses around the world appear every day. Smart collectors notice this and are buying up what they can before the general public realizes Chinese art and Chinese antiques are poised to be the hottest area in the future. The coming Chinese Olympics will undoubtedly open the world’s eyes to the great beauty and timelessness of Chinese art and Chinese antiques.

The Japanese played this game for decades. Japanese antique dealers have been coming over here and purchasing thousands of “war souvenirs” brought back by American GI’s. Japanese art and Japanese antiques have not risen to the levels of Chinese art and Chinese antiques, but it is getting close.

Just what valuables are collectors are searching for? Of course nothing beats ivory and jade; bronzes and porcelains follow. After a recent Paris auction, cloisonné may bypass these in popularity. Prints and paintings are always wonderful. The true “sleeper” is Chinese furniture and Japanese furniture. Nothing is more exciting than simple black lacquer oriental furniture in a modern home.

But at least 45% of today’s Oriental furniture collector’s love “masses of swirling carved dragons.” The market to sell Japanese furniture and Chinese furniture is not where you think. The Oriental art accessories sell well on the west coast but Oriental furniture sells best in the major cities.

That old Oriental cloisonné vase grandpa brought home from the war could have more value than the Picasso print hanging above it. If you don’t know the difference between Ming and Ch’ing or haven’t kept up with the recent price increases, let us be your guide to this exciting new market.

If you haven’t an idea of what you have, just drop a couple of photos in the mail and we’ll get back to you and tell you if it is worth appraising. We can even help you sell them.


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We Specialize in the Following Oriental Art and
Oriental Antiques

  1. Apparel and textiles including silk embroidery panels
  2. Cloisonné
  3. Porcelain and pottery
  4. Fans
  5. Furniture
  6. Glass
  7. Jade and hard stone carvings
  8. Ivory carvings and ivory jewelry
  9. Lacquer-ware
  10. Paintings and scrolls (landscapes and Emperor portraits)
  11. Oriental rugs
  12. Japanese woodblock prints
  13. Chinese bronzes, Japanese bronzes
  14. Oriental jewelry
  15. Intricate wood carved panels (often gold leafed)
  16. Black lacquer folding screens (both ivory, carved and hard stone inlays)