Pre-Columbian Art Appraisals

Pre-Columbian Art

Aztec, Mayan, Inca, just the names ring excitement in your ear. With the strict prohibition of import of antiquities, the few pieces of Pre-Columbian art now in America have soared in value. Movies like “Indiana Jones” have fueled this passion in museums and collectors, for good Pre-Columbian art.Unfortunately, there are more forgeries of Pre-Columbian art than any other. Small children bury fakes in the dirt and discover them in front of tourists as they walk by. There are large Pre-Columbian “fake factories” in Mexico City where artisans duplicate Pre-Columbian museum masterpieces illustrated in reference books.

We have appraised Pre-Columbian art for over 50 years. We are the oldest Pre-Columbian appraiser in the Midwest. We know the clay used by all the Pre-Columbian cultures. We know how paint ages after 2,000 years, how to tell recent wheel stone carving from the ancient method of slow abrasion. Pre-Columbian art that laid in the soil has certain encrustations, root marks and wear from water. This is not easily faked. We can even submit Pre-Columbian art to lab analysis.

Let us research and authenticate your Pre-Columbian art. We can even help you legally sell your items, with proper province.

Our minimum fee is $125.00 per item. Gold and Jade items are more. Group rates are available. Research on Pre-Columbian art takes about 10-14 days.

Please call our office and we’ll be glad to discuss your items with you.

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