Pre-Columbian Stone Masks Valuations

Pre-Columbian Stone Masks

The rarest and most valuable Pre-Columbian artifacts are the stone masks. They represent the epitome of the Pre-Columbian stone carvers craft. Every museum and collector dreams of owning a powerful, Pre-Columbian stone mask. A good mask starts at $10,000.00. Unfortunately, the forgers know this and they are the most faked Pre-Columbian artifacts. The clue to authenticating them is in the carving. If they are machine carved with diamond cutters, they are modern. If they are hand carved with primitive tools, they are ancient. The forgers also make a consistent mistake. They combine elements of two or more culture’s style into one new carving. Sometimes these cultures existed a thousand years apart and in totally different parts of Mexico. Obviously these elements could not be at the same time in an authentic Pre-Columbian stone mask. Examples are found in white Limestone, black and grey Basalt and even green Jade.

We are the country’s foremost experts in authenticating Pre-Columbian stone masks. Our files contain photographs of hundreds of documented Pre-Columbian stone masks in museums here in America and Mexico. All our experts have studied at the Mexican Museum of Archeology and been on Pre-Columbian archeological digs. We are often able to research and authenticate these from photographs. Our fee is only $895.00, this includes advice on selling.

If you believe you have an original Pre-Columbian stone mask, please give our office a call. Our friendly staff will be glad to discuss it with you. Proper research doesn’t cost, it pays.

Examples of authentic Pre-Columbian stone masks:

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