Problem with Salvador Dali Appraisals

The Problem with Salvador Dali Appraisals

Many collectors have false sense of security because they have an old appraisal and a certificate of authenticity for the Dali prints. This means nothing. We have never seen a fake Dali print that didn’t have an old appraisal and certificate of authenticity from the “rip-off galleries” that sold the fake prints. We thought we’d seen every type of Dali hype, until we recently received a letter.

A well-known Michigan dealer, specializing in cruise ship auctions, wrote to us an extremely nasty letter telling us how we were wrong in saying a Dali print they sold was a fake. They then threatened us with all sorts of unthinkable repercussions unless we rescinded our erroneous appraisal and begged for forgiveness. They offered to us as proof their prints were authentic, a signed contract they had with Dali himself. We take the position, if a print is not listed in the definitive reference books or museum literature, it is not authentic. We take this hard line because the art market does. If it isn’t listed — you can’t sell it for anything! Their prints were not listed in any accepted reference.

YOU BE THE APPRAISER. Is their Dali signed contract and Dali print authentic?


An authentic Dali full signature as reproduced in his book.


The Dali full signature on the print contract. Note different “S” “D” and last “I”. It now has an underline.


The Dali signature on their 1978 prints. The “D” is totally different and so is the last “I”. It is not even close to their contract signature.


An authentic Dali signature from a legal document of his trust. The signature is shaky and has a totally different “D”.

Conclusion — Beware of “cruise ship romances” with Dali prints. Consult an independent expert before you purchase or sell. There are 14 variations of authentic Dali signatures. Just because your’s doesn’t match this one, does not make it a fake.

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