Rembrandt Etchings and Authentication

Rembrandt Etchings, and Authentication

There are no prints more difficult to appraise and authenticate than Rembrandts. There were at least two editions during his lifetime, five after his death. There is even an edition being published today from old worn plates. Each is printed on a different paper. Each has reworking, restoration and different quality of printing.

There are more old forgeries than originals. There are reversed copies made soon after Rembrandt’s death. There are copies made slightly larger and smaller. Unfortunately, there are 17th century copies the same size. Several Rembrandt students worked in his etching style under his direct supervision. They contain his signature. There are prints on the market not all experts agree are by Rembrandt or his studio.

The same etching can vary in price from $5,000 to $250,000.00. The difference being quality of the printing. An etching plate could be over-inked to compensate for wear, and lightly put through the press (“wet” impression). It then could be under-inked and heavily put through the press to bring out all worn detail (“dry” impression).

Some prints are common, having gone through all editions. There are only one or two known impressions of certain etchings. We have computer records of estimate size for all Rembrandt etching states and editions.

Not all Rembrandt experts agree which prints were his best. Using computers, we researched all the print historians in the last 300 years and now can rank prints according to museum desirability. This is important when considering a Rembrandt etching as an investment. Not all Rembrandts go up in value!

Some art galleries marked their Rembrandt etching up 300% over cost. You will never live long enough to get even your money back on these. Certain print dealers fail to notice a rare artist’s personal trial proof impression. The main difference the hidden paper watermark. (We have a complete record of all the watermarks). Some galleries don’t know a late overly inked impression from a rich dark lifetime impression and wonderful bargains are found. It is important your Rembrandt appraiser is a print connoisseur.

We are the country’s foremost expert on Rembrandt etchings. No one has better records than we do. Our print expert, formerly editor of the Graphic Antiquarian magazine, goes yearly to Amsterdam to research in the famed national Rijks Museum, and Rembrandt House Museum.

Whether purchasing or selling a Rembrandt etching, it is important to know what you have. We specialize in consultation on Rembrandt etchings from the Millinium edition. We are able to provide the same complete documentation for other Old Masters like Durer, Goya, Whistler, and all French Impressionists.

Our complete Rembrandt appraisal, history and authentication fee is just $395.00 per print.

When it is important to have independent verification for insurance, museum donation, buying or selling, a proper appraisal doesn’t cost — it pays for itself many times over. Let us make you a Rembrandt expert too! (Special consultant plans for dealers).

Worried your print will turn out to be a copy of no value?

Today art galleries are getting thousands of dollars for old 19th century photogravures of Rembrandt etchings. Our $395.00 fee is really not much of a gamble. The upside is possibly tens of thousands of dollars and the downside a few thousand.

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