Rock and Pop Memorabilia

Rock and Pop Memorabilia

Rock and Roll and Pop souvenirs are the world’s fastest growing collectibles. The first auction of these was in 1981. Ever since, it has been standing room only at major sales. The advent of the Hard Rock Cafes making their restaurants, bars and hotels virtual museums of these, drove the prices past the moon.

Collectors eagerly search for records, concert programs, lyrics, contracts, letters, awards, clothing, and musical instruments. Anything signed more than triples value. The biggest money is for Beatles, Elvis and Michael Jackson material. Of course if the musician or entertainer is dead the price is higher.

Posters are a cross-over into the art market. Collectors often purchase these just for the decorative values and not necessarily for the association with the musicians.

John Lennon material is in a class by itself. It commands highest prices. Autographs by him often sell for higher prices than Lincoln and Washington. Lennon was also an accomplished artist where his drawing and lithographs sell best in the art world.

An often over-looked category is photographs of the musicians performing on stage taken by amateurs in the audience. Early photos before they became famous are particularly valuable. Any photo of some performers can still can be costly like those of Jimmy Hendrix and Buddy Holly.

There are many forgeries and reprints of Rock and Roll and Pop material. Many are difficult to distinguish. We have over 50 years experience in appraising items such as yours. We are able to authenticate as well as advise you on how to sell your Rock & Roll collectables.

Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss your items. There is no obligation . If the item doesn’t warrant an appraisal, there is no charge.

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