Salvador Dali Prints Authentication

Salvador Dali Prints & Etchings Authentication

Over 68% of the Salvador Dali prints sold were fake in some form or another. There were real prints with fake signatures, fake prints with real signatures, and fake prints with fake signatures. The largest fake factories were in New York, Chicago and Hawaii. They all came with fake letters of authentication. An old letter of authenticity means nothing today.

We carefully compiled a complete record of what is authentic by studying court records, publishers’ catalogs, art reference books and legitimate gallery sales. We compiled a chronological sequence of the evolution of his signature for reference, something the Salvador Dali Museums haven’t even done. We can tell if a 1970 print bears a 1970-style signature. Forensic forgery investigation is a normal part of our authentication investigation. It has taken us over 20 years.

We are the country’s foremost specialist in this area. Even most museums will not attempt to authenticate Salvador Dali prints.

Should you be interested in buying or selling Salvador Dali prints, get a current letter of authentication. We can do these from photos. We are the country’s foremost fakebusters. We specialize in cruise ship print problems.

Our fees start at $125.00 each for small Salvador Dali prints and etchings, and $395.00 for complete portfolios. Protect yourself. Find out what you have. There is a strong market for authentic Salvador Dali prints, but they must be documented as originals. We can even help find a buyer. We help you sell!

Q. What do I do with the print if it turns out to be fake?
A. We will be glad to provide you with a formal, IRS “investment loss” document to use on your income tax form in April, or a letter to take to your state’s attorney. We can even advise you on class action suits against cruise ships.
Q. I already have an old certificate of authenticity on my Dali print. Why do I need a new one?
A. All fake Dali prints came with a so-called “letter of authenticity”. Even ones that came from reputable dealers can be fake. Modern scholarship has sorted this out. We provide you with a modern certificate of authenticity accepted by all scholars, insurance companies and dealers.
We are the only Dali expert that authenticates, provides the true value and helps you sell! No confusing forms to fill out. We go that extra step others don’t.
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