Secrets Most Antique Furniture Collectors Don’t Know

Antique Furniture Appraising Secrets Most Collectors Don’t Know

1. Never use spray wax on antiques.
2. The more simple the furniture design, the more valuable. Overly carved pieces are difficult to sell.
3. The earliest furniture (Medieval, Renaissance) although the rarest is not the most valuable. Georgian and French 18th century is the most costly.
4. Refinishing always ruins the value of antique furniture.
5. Antique beds are the most difficult piece of furniture to sell.
6. Miniature and small antique furniture are more valuable than full size pieces.
7. Cabinets, bookcases and armoires taller than 8 feet (ceiling height) drop dramatically in value.
8. Furniture from the 1950’s is now valuable.
9. Original horsehair and other upholstery stuffing lowers the value, not increases it.
10. The main rule about antique furniture is it must be practical, comfortable, useable, and the proper height.
11. What causes a piece of antique furniture to bring a world record price is not rarity but rich patina color and great proportions. It takes years of experience to acquire this expertise.

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