Secrets to Authenticate Picasso Drawings and Sketches

Secrets to Authenticate Picasso Drawings & Sketches
(As well as other artists)

There are more fake Picasso drawings than by any other artist. This is because he is so easily forged and the demand for Picasso drawings is so great among collectors and museums.

There are exacting procedures to authenticate Picasso drawings: There are 14 elements that must be carefully studied:

Subject- Picasso used several main themes. Certain subjects, like landscapes, seldom interested him. He usually didn’t do portraits of children either. He loved the bullfight and totally ignored all other sports, including boating.

Historical Analysis- Is this a style Picasso used and does the date match the style? Picasso used nine different styles.

References- Has the Picasso drawing been illustrated in any Picasso drawing reference books? Is it similar to other Picasso drawings accepted as genuine? Does the Zervos Catalogue of Picasso drawings show it? Is it the correct color?

Medium- Is the ink of the period; Is it a watercolor or pastel of a subject lending itself to this medium? Do scientific lab tests confirm ink or pigment is of the period? Is the type of pen used favored by Picasso? Is it the correct color?

Paper- Is it a type of paper Picasso favored? Does it have a watermark of the period? Picasso occasionally used paper with his name in the watermark. Does it contain modern chemicals not used in Picasso’s lifetime?

Composition- Is it an original composition or a pastiche of several other Picasso drawings combined here into a new one? Picasso never imitated himself.

Artistic Quality- Is the Picasso drawing amateurish and beneath Picasso’s talent or a symphony of line, tone and form? Even Picasso’s student work is very sophisticated and never muddled.

Line Quality- Are lines spontaneous as if drawn quickly or sluggish and hesitant, as if they were copied from something else? Authentic Picasso’s drawings are filled with verve and life.

Drawing Strokes- Was the artist right or left-handed? Many great artists like DaVinci were left-handed, thus their drawing strokes are at a different angle than right-handed artists.

Signature- Does the type of signature match style of the drawing? Forgers often put a 1930 style signature on a 1910 Picasso drawing. There are over 26 genuine variations of Picasso’s signature , each with catalogue number.

Age Toning- Is the paper old or has it been artificially aged with chemicals? Are there old mat marks, stains, foxing and age patina appropriate to its age?

Procedural Sequence- In an original Picasso drawing the lines are drawn in a certain order. The original form is created before the embellishment. For instance, forgers draw trees leaves before the branches. Our Picasso drawing experts carefully study the steps and how the elements are created to decide if it is in logical sequence.

Condition- Is the Picasso drawing bleached out from light or does it have old stains and erasures? (Picasso never erased). How about old mounting marks of “antique” glue and mat stains. These would be expected on an old Picasso drawing.

Placement-Has the Picasso drawing been carefully placed on the paper or just “thrown” on with no thought to composition? Is it too large or too small for the paper?

Of course, we use all these research techniques on other master drawings by Rembrandt, Dali, Miro, Chagall, Renoir, Degas, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, etc.

We are the foremost expert on Picasso drawings because we go that “extra mile”. Collectors and museums expect comprehensive research like this before they purchase. Any Picasso drawing brings $15,000.00 and up. Collectors and auctions demand this research before they will even talk about your Picasso drawing. Some large Picasso drawings have sold for over a million dollars with our documentation. We invite you to compare our research with others.

Please give us a call and we will be glad to discuss your Picasso Drawing with you. Research cost starts at only $895.00. You’ll find our staff friendly and informative. There is no obligation. We are the Picasso Drawing experts.

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