Silver Appraisals

Silver Appraisals

Gold and silver are at a ten year financial high. Most collectors are tremendously underinsured for their flatware, tea sets, Sterling silver bowls, etc. Many of the old silver manufactures have gone out of business creating a great demand for those who love elegant dining pieces. Sterling silver is the quiet collectable. Collectors don’t brag about the wonderful new Sterling silver bowl they just purchased. They just quietly place these gems out on their formal dining table at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Many families have wonderful old salt/pepper shakers, sugar bowls, creamers and small trays packed away that grandma left them. Now is the time to sell these treasures if elegant dining is not your style. The major department stores no longer have large Sterling silver displays like they used to. Families that want to purchase future heirlooms to give as wedding gifts are forced to look far afield.

There are three categories of silver: American silver, European silver and silver plate. There is little interest in silver plate and thus not worth appraising. Most American Sterling silver is so marked. European, particularly English, have little hallmarks on them. Stamps on the bottom signifies the manufacture, city and date. There are even auctions of just antique silver. Early American silver is just about unattainable. Everyone’s dream is to find a piece done by Paul Revere. There was even early American pieces made from melted down coins.

Now is the time to search your old buffet for those funny green felt bags mother told you would be valuable someday. She was right! Silver is the collectable you just don’t hear about.

Whether you have Sterling silver, coin silver or antique silver, why not give us a call? We have over 46 years experience in appraising these for insurance or resale for families just like yours.

Our rates are reasonable. Usually around $89.50 for a silver tea set, silver flatware box or antique tray. We are able to do it from photographs. Generous group rates are available.


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