So You Think You Have an Edouard Cortes Painting

So You Think You Have an Edouard Cortes Painting

Paintings by Edouard Cortes are one of the most overlooked art today.  They sold for less than a hundred dollars in the 1970’s and now a major Edouard Cortes painting brings up to $100,000.00.  They are extremely difficult to authenticate, as all of Edouard Cortes’s assistants continue to make copies of his paintings, well after his death.  There are more fake Edouard Cortes paintings than any other French artist including Renoir and Monet.  The abundance of forgeries has not slowed the art market with all authentic Edouard Cortes paintings eagerly purchased at auctions and galleries.  Even in the recession, Edouard Cortes still commands very high prices.

Secrets to Authenticating Edouard Cortes paintings

  1. There are 6 different signatures, some in block letters, some in script.
  2. Paintings that bring the most money show easily identifiable Paris scenes like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Opera House.
  3. Paintings with horse drawn vehicles bring more than ones with automobiles.
  4. Paintings are valued by the number of people in the picture.  Mothers with children bring premium over ordinary shoppers.
  5. The more dramatic the lighting the better.  Twilight scenes are not as desirable as street lamp,illuminated scenes.
  6. His best work is his early paintings that have golden glow opposed to more somber or colorful later works.
  7. Paintings signed on the right, with full Edouard Cortes signature, were usually his particular favorite.
  8. Vertical Paris compositions are extremely rare with only two known.
  9. Edouard Cortes forgeries usually have cheap pine stretchers, instead of professional hard wood, like the artist used.
  10. Authentic paintings by Edouard Cortes are in French sizes, unlike the forgeries often are in American frame sizes.
  11. Edouard Cortes’s grey paint is composed of three colors, while forgers used dull grey paint from a tube.

An example of a late Edouard Cortes painting, dark, gloomy, without the golden glow of his earlier works.  Only four figures are identifiable.  It bears official signature variant 6B.  The painting is still worth over $30,000.00

We are the country’s foremost Edouard Cortes experts.  Our lab has identified the particular canvas, paint and wood stretchers that appear on Edouard Cortes paintings.  We have records of correct labels and import stickers used on Cortes oils.  No other expert has such detailed reference.  We authenticate Edouard Cortes oil paintings from photographs.  The fee is $895.00.

If you have an Edouard Cortes painting, please give us a call. Our friendly staff will be glad to discuss with you the likelihood of your painting being authentic.

We do not buy Edouard Cortes paintings, we represent you, not ourselves.  No ethical appraiser buys and sells.  It is a conflict of interest.

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