Tapestries and Textiles Appraisal

Appraisals of Tapestries and Textiles

Tapestries and textiles are the quiet collectable. No big coffee table books, no museum exhibitions, only a few European dealers specializing in tapestries and textiles. Amazingly, tapestries and textiles have increased in value far greater than paintings, drawings and furniture. In analyzing our computer sales data, values are up over 315% in just five years for tapestries and textiles.

Tapestry and textile value increase is easily understood. New home walls are taller and larger than ever before. To buy a painting big enough to fit in such a room is very costly. Large tapestries and textiles, properly framed, are still a bargain.

Tapestries and textiles are made in from many periods and forms. They can be Ancient Egyptian Coptic, Pre-Columbian from Peru, Medieval European or by a modern master.

There are wonderful small French and Belgium tapestries from the late 1880’s. These show views of gardens and salons. Some even have original bronze hanging rods.

Many modern artists have done limited edition tapestries (Calder, Nierman, Picasso). These tapestries bring fantastic prices as they look tremendous on large stone walls.

Antique lace, needlepoint and crocheted tablecloths are often mounted on black velvet and framed. Even textile fragments of antique drapes and hand women old shawls are made into distinctive table runners.

French Art Deco textile pieces are framed, matted and quickly sold like rare limited edition prints. Good tapestries and textiles often sell in weeks not months like regular paintings.

Think you may have an antique tapestry or textile of value? Just send to us a photo of it and we’ll write back how to proceed.

Our appraisal service includes identification, valuation and when and where to sell your tapestry or textile. Museums are actively purchasing where they were not three years ago.

Please don’t hesitate to phone us. We’ll be glad to help any way we can. We specialize in tapestries and textiles.

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