Unsigned Painting and Sculpture Valuations


Unsigned, Difficult to Read Signatures

Some of the greatest paintings are unsigned, the Mona Lisa for instance. Some of the greatest sculpture is unsigned; all of Michelangelo’s, except for one. An art work with no signature doesn’t mean it is worthless.

Some artist’s signed with a monogram. James McNeill Whistler used a butterfly for his signature. Vincent Van Gogh only placed his first name on his works. We have a complete library of references on monograms and eccentric signatures. This only comes from over 40 year’s experience, something a small town, new appraiser has not the time or access. We have all these obscure references for England, France, Spain, Italy, artist signatures.

Just knowing country of origin, age and a firm attribution to an artist increases the value of an art work hundreds of times. No art collector wants an “orphan”. We give your unsigned art a “family” and a pedigree.

You be the art appraiser! Match the signature with artist’s name.


Rembrandt Van Rijin
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Pierre Renoir
Albrecht Durer
Leonardo Da Vinci
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