Van Gogh: Secrets the Other Art Appraisers Don’t Know

Van Gogh: Secrets the Other Art Appraisers Don’t Know

Vincent Van Gogh used very distinctive oil paint. Van Gogh could not afford fine paint and instead used a cheap grade or what was available in small rural art supply stores.

The particles in Van Gogh’s green paint are so course they continue to oxidize and turn even greener over time. Van Gogh’s red paint has the opposite problem. It was so inferior it had turned pink as it faded in the light. Van Gogh used a primitive type of white that is now illegal to sell in the United States and has been replaced by modern less toxic substances. Van Gogh’s yellow paint was also fugitive and eventually turned coffee brown.

A formal authentication of Van Gogh’s paintings should consist of scientific paint analysis to determine if these unique pigment are present.

We are the only Van Gogh art appraiser with its own scientific lab. Before commissioning research on a Van Gogh painting be sure you are getting the proper research and documentation. Many appraisers just provide you with their considered opinion without scientific substantiation.

We are the only full service art appraiser that provides you with all the documents you need should you wish to sell your Van Gogh. Compare art experts before you decide: Just what exactly are they giving you?

Please call our office for a no obligation consultation. We are the foremost Van Gogh experts.

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Witness Van Gogh
Become Insane!
Vincent Van Gogh starts as young art salesman in the first photograph. He later takes up painting and does numerous self-portraits in the seven years he painted.

We collected photos from our extensive files of Van Gogh paintings. We placed these in chronological order. You can watch him become angrier, distrustful and finally go completely insane. He was confined to a mental institution and committed suicide right after the last portrait. The power and honesty of these paintings are incredible.

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