World War II Memorabilia

World War II Memorabilia

“The greatest generation” is almost gone now. Many of them served in World War II. Souvenirs and relics from their military service are beginning to appear on the market.

Military collectors and war museums are eagerly purchasing these from veteran’s families. Uniforms, weapons and diaries are in great demand! The German and Japanese souvenirs they brought home bring big money. Daggers, swords, pistols, medals, flags, helmets, letters and uniforms are quickly purchased by new collectors here and in the country of origin.Simple items like photographs of combat and historical events are extremely rare. We specialize in appraising and helping museums preserve these priceless mementos of the greatest generation. We’ve been appraising World War II relics for over 50 years.

Why not give us a call. We’ll be glad to discuss what you have and assist you in finding a museum or market for them.

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